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Bibliology is the study of everything concerning the Bible. God reveals Himself, His ultimate plan for us (salvation), and His will to us through His Word. Psalms tells us that the Word of God is to be lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Psalms also tells us to hide His word in our heart. We speak to God through prayer, but He speaks to us through the Scriptures. The importance of this book cannot be stressed enough; we literally have a love letter, written by Almighty God, just for us. The Bible can help in any situation, it teaches, it guides, it has interesting stories, it has friendships, betrayals, and it has some comedy. There are several different doctrines concerning the Bible that one will see explained in
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There have been many false views of inspiration that have been conceived all throughout church history. Each of these different views does not agree that the Bible is 100% inspired by God. The natural theory states that the Bible is not inspired by God, but is written by humans showing off their ability. The partial theory says that only some of the Scriptures are inspired, and no one could know what they are outside of God telling us. Finally, there is the fallible theory. This theory says since the Bible is written by human authors, it is full of errors. Of course all these theories are far from the truth. The Bible says in II Timothy 3:16, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God..." This verse in just eight simple words destroys all these theories on inspiration to be false. The Bible clearly tells us that ALL Scripture is inspired. There is no way that you can get the idea of partial inspiration from a verse that says ALL. The next doctrine concerning Bibliology is Illumination. Illumination is the work that the Holy Spirit does in the believer that allows him or her to understand and apply truth in the Scripture. While the Holy Spirit enables us to understand Scripture once we are saved, there is still some work that must be done on the believer’s part to get the full knowledge of the Bible. We are to interpret Scripture keeping with the nature of it and once we understand, we are to obey and follow what we learn in the Scripture. This Illumination by the
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