Biculturalism And Cultural Identity

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Biculturalism and your Identity One’s cultural identity can be classified as diverse, an aspect of your personality that can be dynamic. Many use different symbols and perspectives to add up to how their cultural identity is really shaped. It is defined as the traditions, cultures, ethics, values, and ethnicity/race that one has adapted to since their childhood years. In many perspectives, it is difficult to define, as many people see it as “the way things are.” Your cultural identity is constantly developing and changing as it’s dependent on the way society sees you and how you see yourself. As many identify as bicultural they face cultural conflicts; a rise of tension involving racism or stereotypical thoughts. I identify as a Mexican-American who doesn’t have an easy life and undergoes daily obstacles. I am suppose to obtain one goal and it’s to make sure I graduate from university. On the other hand many of us as students are overlooked because we are Mexican-American. We are known to be “hyphenated Americans” the term refers to the people that were born or had origin from a different country and displayed allegiance for the country. Apparently we aren’t Americans, the only American here are the good Americans, but those only relate to people who originated American roots. Discrimination arises as we are seen as less and not close to anybody else. We are bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English, but just because we speak English doesn’t make us any better we
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