Bicycle Thieves: An Expression of Italian Neo-realism

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Bicycle Thieves is considered an example of Italian Neo-realism. The plot demonstrates Italians of the working class in Italy and unfolds their day to day lives. One could argue it portray the reality and develops into an emotional storyline towards the end. Antonio, the main character is offered a job requiring a bicycle and on his first day it was stolen on the streets. You immediately feel drawn to the character as you want to see a happy ending. Watching the film, automatically feel sorry for him as he’s got no money and needs to make a living as soon as possible for his wife with two children to support. From the close ups and observational shots it clearly shows he is desperate as Antonio and his son Bruno go around searching for it…show more content…
The line up by the bus is a real life experience. Antonio believes the police will take their story seriously. This scene engages the audience through his emotions as he’s mocked as he desperately seeks answers from a fortune teller. Shots of his disappointment with the fortune teller suggest how people were desperate for help they would risk little of the money they have left They’ve been scammed by the fortune teller, which suggest they will go beyond their limits spending money they don’t have for a bit of hope. They are all miserable after the war. This is seen as a socialist film. When Antonio admits to his son if he can’t work they will starve, the camera shots are focused on their emotions more than his response. The difference between the bourgeois is excessively clear in the restaurant as the boy looks up to the rich boy by the way he eats. This scene is important as it masks the living conditions and how serious it is for them to work all the time. One scene where Bruno steals a bicycle and pedals quickly away when he is caught shows the intensity of desperation in Italy and immediately you feel sorry for him. Within this shot you can see the inner turmoil in Antonio’s eyes from the close up. This is a clear indication of the social matters in Italy. By presenting these emotions scenes puts the story of the protagonist in the context of a wider

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