Bicycle and Horse Essay

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Community-oriented policing is a system that addresses the top concerns of the community which implies there would need to be more communication between members of the community and police officers. The article Policing on Bicycles and Horses by Sam Swindell focuses on two types of community-oriented policing. The two types being bicycle and mounted patrol of C.O.P. Bicycle patrol is a type of community policing patrol serves well in that the police have the opportunity to encounter more citizens and extend their contacts in the community. Many police departments have been adapting bicycle patrols into their community policing programs due to the positive response given by the community and the officers. Mounted patrol has been around for…show more content…
They can't transport large amounts of equipment, evidence or prisoners. Another issue is training. Less than fifty pecent do the in service refresher training, fifty-one percent go through defense training and forty-four percent do scenario training. The surveys were done for both bicycle and mounted patrols. Sixty-seven percent of the fifty-two agencies that responded had bicycle patrols and another ten percent planned on getting one. Of the forty-nine agencies surveyed for mounted patrol only six used horses. The people in the communities prefer the police officers on the bikes and horses. Swindell then discusses the aspects of the police mounted units. Though no city rated horses as ineffective, their productivity as measured by arrest is very low. They are very popular and highly visible. The mounted patrol create to friendly faces instead of the one you would recieve with foot patrol or bicycle patrol. The officer is stuck to the horse while in public because even the best trained horse can be spooked. Also the officer has to try to prevent the horse from posing a threat to bystanders. These officers have to be trained to handle the horse in every scenerio. The horse is able to move fast through areas 4-wheel drive vechicles would not enter. Though the metal shoes and pedestrians limit their speed on pavement. The less obvious use of mounted patrol is for search and rescue. The Mounted polices
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