Biff And Willy's Relationship Essay

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In Arthur Miller's, Death Of a Salesman, the growth and development of Biff are achieved as a result of the change in his relationship with Willy.Growing up Biff had received most of the attention from his father, mother and everyone around him thus building a sense of entitlement from a young age. As time passed Willy had always been there to encourage and mold Biff into what Willy thought of as an ideal American man. When this vision of Biff was unachieved Biff and Willy's relationship began to strain; causing them to fight and disagree on things such as career and the future. Biff’s trouble with seeking the truth about himself is a development that is seen from the past and present parts of the play. This adversity was due to the fact he assumed no values of his own, but accepted those of Willys personal attractiveness and being well liked. This concept of himself is discouraged when he went to visit Billy Oliver for a business proposition and had failed. Biff had said, “I realized what a ridiculous lie my whole life has been”. Here Biff is coming to terms with who he is, developing a different and mature mindset. The lie wasn't only about how he perceived himself, but of how others perceived him; an idea of what he aspired to be influenced by his father. On Biff's epiphany, Willy continues to…show more content…
Willys idealistic view for Biff evaporates as the once idolized Willy, in the eyes of Biff, disappears, leading to a sad and pitiful version of what his father used to be. When Biff said "Pop! I'm a dime a dozen, and so are you!" Biff is understanding the role he plays in the world thus changing the father and son relationship. His father sees Biff and himself as great men with extraordinary potential, but Biff understands the reality of being poor and ordinary. After years of embracing his father's dream Biff grows and understands the true realities of
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