What Is Biff's Existence

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Biff’s self-evolution and alteration into the Biff Lowman that the play concludes with, was brought about through a series of hardships, personal growth and inner conflict encountered in the trials of following ones heart, no matter the judgments of his family, or civilization as an entire. To truly understand Biff Lowman it is important to analyze Biff at the beginning of the story and Biff after the peak of his existence leading to his downward spiral and realization of the harsh realities that the Earth has to offer. To start at the beginning one must first define what the “beginning” is. Is it the start of a story? Or is it the start of a characters portrayal in the youngest most juvenile sense? For sake of categorization we shall…show more content…
It was plain and simple, Biff against the world.
Biff headed out West abandoning greatness using his hands to make a living, as a simple laborer, a career field frown upon by the eyes of civilization during this time, but by working with his hands it revealed something about Biff, that he still cared for his father following the teachings that were passed down to him, by a skilled craftsman Willie Lowman. Biff final realized that the Lowmans are a bunch of wolves covered in sheep’s clothing, trying to accomplish things that weren’t meant to be accomplished by them. He became comfortable with mediocrity, but is it mediocrity if it is a field you enjoy and take pride in? A question surely asked by many a person including Willie Lowman and his son Biff. While on his own as a young man he found himself in a quandary every now in again for stealing during bouts of rage, one such quandary landed him in prison for a few month sentencing (most likely trauma induced ex. Pen incident). After getting out of a 9 by 6 sell he decided to return home and try to make amends with his family once and for all. When he gets there he soon realizes that Willie Lowman has fallen into a state of decay, while convincing himself he is really on a multilevel pedestal. Biff can’t handle this and confronts his father apologizing and telling him it wasn’t out of spite, and that he loves him (demonstrates love with a tongue kiss). The shock Willie experiences breaks him from his delusional
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