Big Bang Theory Or A Big Fabrication

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Adair Day AP English IV Mrs. Britt Collins 14 March 2016 Big Bang Theory or a Big Fabrication The concept of creation has boggled human’s minds for centuries. Human nature has an intuitive sense of longing for an answer to solve the unknown, and creation embodies the concept of unknown. In an effort to compile reason and scientific knowledge, an explanation of the formation of the universe was formed and is widely known as The Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is considered, “…the leading scientific explanation for the formation of the universe” (Howell). The Big Bang Theory articulates that before this event there was nothing; and after it there was something. This suggestion to how the universe was created was originally born from the sighting that the surrounding galaxies are moving away from our own at an immense speed as if they had been propelled by some force (Howell). The standard theory states that the entire universe originated as a condensed, infinitely pressured, singularity, which defies the laws of today’s understanding of physics. It is a misconception this event occurred as an explosion; rather it resembled more of an expansion. At one moment there was nothing in existence and in the following, the universe expanded as a balloon would, from a sub atomic particle, to all that it is today. This notion of how the universe was created, is nothing more than a shot into the dark, literally, and holds no validity. At this exact moment there are roughly 100,000

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