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There has been a lot of research done on the influence media can have on society, in particular the degrading images of women that are often seen in media. Since the second wave of the women’s rights movements these images were the object of scrutiny and an easy example of how women were viewed. In modern society where women have made many strides towards equality why are there still instances in popular media were women are negatively depicted? Have women come as far as they think? The popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory negatively depicts the female characters by reverting to a binary view of gender, in which the female characters are lacking, they can be beautiful or smart however they cannot be both.
The Big Bang Theory premiered on
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Penny’s appearance is the first thing noticed. Sheldon and Lenard state that she is a significant improvement from their last neighbor, a 200-pound transvestite with a skin condition. Where as the introduction of Sheldon and Lenard clearly established their intellectual superiority.
The article “” states that “gender identity is enacted through a variety of self-presentational strategies including attire, non-verbal and verbal behavior all of which interact with others per existing expectations”. Penny dresses in clothing that show off her body. It is clear through her appearance and interactions with others that Penny is valued for her sexuality. Most of Penny’s interaction with the other main characters point out her lack of knowledge. Consisting of the men having to explain there conversations in the most simplistic way, or pointing our her community college education compared to their accelerated programs at MIT, and Cal Tec. Another indication that Penny lacks talent and intelligence is the fact that although she aspires to be an actress in the six seasons The Big Bang Theory has aired Penny has been working as a waitress at The Cheese Cake Factory, and on multiple occasion the characters have made comments indicating that she is a bad waitress. The only advancement made to her career was when she started
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