Big Bang Theory vs. Creationism

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There are many topics that science and religion have opposing views on and continue to debate. One of these subjects that has received a great deal of attention and has placed an enormous wedge between the two realms is the varying opinions concerning the creation of the universe. For nearly a century, scientists have explained this phenomenon with the Big Bang theory, whereas spiritual thinkers have long placed their faith in the Genesis creation account. Both submit valid arguments, however, it is ultimately up to each individual to decide which testimony to accept as truth and to consider if it is possible that both opinions could co-exist. The Big Bang theory, conceived in the early 1920’s, states that approximately 13.7 billion …show more content…
This narrative, which describes how God created the universe in six days, can be found in the first few paragraphs of the Bible. It is said that on Day One, God created the heavens and the earth and allowed there to be light upon the earth. God then allowed a separation of waters above from the waters below on day Two; this separated the skies and the seas. On the third day, God formed dry land and allowed the earth to sprout vegetation. God then allowed the heavenly lights to appear on the earth on Day Four. On Day Five, God created animals to inhabit the earth. The sixth and final day of creation of the universe saw God creating other animals such as carnivores and humans to inhabit the earth as well (The literal interpretation of the Genesis One Creation account, 2007). Most arguments for the Genesis six day creation account stem from evidence against the Big Bang theory as the only two legitimate options for the origin of the universe are random choice or intelligent design. Therefore, anything that discredits the Big Bang model is building upon creationism. There have also been countless archaeological findings that support the relevance of the Bible. One example is that a number of Babylonian documents such as the Sumerian King List have been discovered that describe the same flood spoken of in Genesis Chapters 6-9. The Ark that Noah built and used

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