Big Brother 18 Analysis

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During Big Brother 18, Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette made a great connection. Then Paulie pretty much threw it all away, and it looked like she moved on. During their time in the jury house, Zakiyah and Paulie had words with each other, but now that they are out of the house it looks like they have found a way to make their relationship work and things are really heating up. When he first came into the jury house, Zakiyah wouldn't even speak to him, but Paulie did find a way to win her back.

Zakiyah Everette actually went to her Twitter page and shared a sneak peek of a great picture of them together, but it simply shows them in their underwear. It is a very sexy photo, but shows that Zakiyah and Paulie are more than just friends.
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Fans love the fact that Zakiyah is happy with him, but that being said a lot of people wonder why she would ever decide to be with someone that treated her the way that he did in the house toward the end. So far, Zakiyah is just ignoring the people that are haters and going on with her life.

Since they left the show, Paulie has been spoiling Zakiyah and proving that money is not an issue for him at all. He bought her a pair of Louboutins and now tickets to see Beyonce in concert. They have already met each other's families and just seem to be enjoying life together. For now, Zakiyah and Paulie are in the early stages of their relationship, which is the easy part when you are falling in love and getting to know each other.

Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore aren't the only couple to be doing great since they left the Big Brother 18 house. The Inquisitr shared that Natalie Negrotti and James Huling are still together as well. Natalie actually went to her Twitter account and called him her boyfriend. This surprised fans to know that they were this serious, but they are making their relationship work long distance even though this can't be easy for them to do. When the show ended, Natalie made it clear that she wanted to try. Here is what she
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