Big Brother Is Watching You

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Big Brother “Big Brother is watching you” (Orwell 2). Orwell’s simple phrase in his novel, 1984, has become the backbone of modern-day conspiracy theorists’ discussions. While Orwell may have been writing this novel for cautionary purposes, he is far closer to reality than he might have thought with his prophesies of the future and what would come of the government. Surveillance is one of many topics that Orwell’s 1984 incorporates into its fictional tale of a robotic society held under the strong grasp of a totalitarian government. Orwell wrote the novel in 1949 prophesizing the future that he saw down the road in 1984. The totalitarian state of government control monitors and supervises all that happens in Oceania. Oceania is Orwell’s imaginary state of the future that he uses to depict what he sees the world turning out to be. The Party, a representation of future governing bodies, controls all that happens in Oceania. Orwell references the dictatorial figure of the Party as Big Brother. Winston Smith, Orwell’s slightly less than middle-aged protagonist, is a normal man in Oceania’s society until he begins to write down his rebellious thoughts in a diary of sorts. He has always secretly hated the Party but has not made it public until his creation of the diary. The creation of said diary in and of itself is a thoughtcrime that Winston knows he will end up dying for when his crimes are discovered by the Thought Police. Winston adores the proles, which are at the bottom of
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