Big Brother's Identity In 1984 By George Orwell

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The identity of a person is influenced greatly by their environment, the people around them, and the views of their culture. When growing up in society where those are not left up to the fate to decide and are controlled and influenced by those in power, freedom and liberty are lost, and it becomes difficult to form personal thoughts, beliefs and most importantly morality. In the book 1984 by George Orwell, Big Brother influenced Julia’s moral traits to shape her into a surface level and selfish character. Big brother ordering the ministries to destroy historical documents led Julia to become dense and egocentric. When Winston spoke of the past with her, she seemed completely uninterested. Within Book Two, Winston attempts to share a…show more content…
The likelihood of the next generation to rebell would have increased with every amount of information and proof they could obtain from being destroyed. After he explained his speculation to Julia, she countered back with, “I’m not interested in the next generation, dear. I’m interested in us” (Orwell 156). Julia was completely unconcerned with what becomes of the people after her generation. Instilled within her was the mentality that if something does not directly impact her well being, it is none of her concern and therefore does not matter. Egocentrism was a prevalent characteristic among the characters living in Oceania which made it even easier for Big Brother to maintain control. It was characters like Julia that they fed off; she may not obey all laws, but she would never conceive a concrete rebellion to overpower Big Brother. Rebellion required great thought and sacrifice, qualities she lacked. Selfish and heartless morals was the product of Julia after being hovered by Big Brother’s “thought police” her entire life. The fear of being vaporized always interrupted her thoughts whenever her mind tried to explore great ideas and deep thinking. Julia knew the power Big Brother had over everyone in Oceania and was aware that if she were to get vaporized she would have no control of the outcome. After she went her whole life filtering what she said aloud, her mind eventually became filtered too. She spoke to Winston about the school system teaching
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