Big Business Influence

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Big businesses are the basis of the American economy, providing millions of products to consumers from all sides of the economic spectrum. In an effort to push for new products into the market, as well as reeling in strong consumer foundations, marketing, in its most primal form, becomes the basis of persuasion. Commercials, Internet advertisements, billboards, and various other forms of visual presentation become the premise for consumer attraction. Albeit, this visual influence can have both negative and positive connotations for the uninformed consumer. This primarily pertains to modern day society as marketing tactics are heavily relied on to influence the consumer base. To influence the consumer base, companies tackle human emotions to…show more content…
For instance, MAC Cosmetics generates products targeting woman. Contrary to popular belief, the banned ingredient list for cosmetics in the United States only consists of a mere 10 chemicals. However, in Europe and other regions, the banned ingredients list consists of 1,100 chemicals. These harsh chemicals are suspected of causing cancer, disrupting hormones, and possibly being an immunotoxin, or a man-made protein, which when binding to a cell, causes cell death. This contrast accentuates the indifference in which American companies regard their consumers. Responsibility is not taken for the damage occurring to the faces of women who unsuspectingly use these products. Change occurs to the chemical makeup of the faces of the women using these products, resulting in more acne, allergic reactions, eye problems, and possibly even cancer. Additionally, MAC Cosmetics, when mandated to, test products on animals, which often results in harm to the animal. Even with the harmful effects to the skin and the use of animals to test new products, women never fail to return to MAC Cosmetics. This company has ensured the return of their targeted consumers by commodifying the insecurities of women. Through this form of subliminal manipulation, women are conditioned to think makeup is necessary to maintain their outward beauty as well as being a fundamental aspect of…show more content…
Many companies are under the impression that money directly correlates with power and influence. Thus, these companies use the influence, gained through the use of money, to shift the culture of another country as they please, in an effort to gain more profits. Through the use of advertising, commercials, and other visual presentations, profits have obliterated the moral compasses of company executives. Fast food companies such as McDonald's and Burger King, seemingly innocent franchises, have shoveled junk food into society for decades. The aim of these companies is portrayed to aid the busy working class with cheap food made for on the go, which, consequently results in America’s increasing obesity levels. Acceptance of the unhealthy foods resulted from the already fast-paced lifestyle of the working class. Consumers believe fast food franchises to be convenient, however, these companies are taking advantage of favorable circumstances to make a profit. Like companies in the fast food franchise, GlaxoSmithKline went as far as to redefine depression by influencing the Japanese at their most fundamental level: their understanding of sadness and depression. “In short, they were learning how to market a disease” (Watters 516). Acceptance of depression resulted from the already idealized melancholic behavioral characteristics, therefore, having a mental disorder associated with the ideal character traits made
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