Big Companies And Samsung Electronics Company

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The world economic situation has been approaching the low economic growth since the Lehman Brothers Holdings inc. collapsed in 2008. Currently the competition is on top which leads towards to legal and institutional restrictions are easing or disappearing and barriers are crumbling. If companies want to compete globally, companies need to work hard, implement the innovative strategies and carry out open management that removes all restrictive and discriminatory institutions and practices. The all department of an organization like human resources, technology, marketing manufacturing, and design departments are now getting more and more importance as competitive resources than ever before. So far Samsung has used these resources very effectively. This is the reason where many management scholars and practitioners have been looking at big companies and Samsung Electronics Company as a successful case of the leading global company. The important basis of this paper based on single case design which help to make us understand in depth and the methodology is much more focused on contemporary phenomenon within a real business context.
Executive Summary
The author intentions in this article are that the Samsung Electronic is doing very well in the market and comparatively Apple Inc their profit has increase through year to year. It is happened due the implementation of New Management Model and Samsung declared “OPEN HR” policy to all its employees which is based on employees

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