Big Data And Healthcare Industry

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As we know, for delivering good qualitative service in healthcare industry, data plays an important role. So it’s necessary to understand the fact that the big data must be used in a right way to make health service industries successful. For managing and analysing the big data it’s important to have a good knowledge about the healthcare data complexity, framework, technologies for “big data analytics in healthcare industries”. 1. Healthcare complexity: -Analysing big data in healthcare is much more complex as compare to other industries, because the data of health services is considered messy by data architects also. Different types of challenges people face who deals with big data of health care industry. Many healthcare industries believe in looking outside the industry to see how other industries are working with data or doing data warehousing. The complexity which health service industry face are described as follows: - I. Manage the disparate data. II. Combining the data to view a full picture. III. Analysing the routine data, especially the patient data which is some time not accurate. IV. Analysing the data which is not objective. Furthermore, the mistakes like spending money on expensive technology that doesn’t fit to industry and the political behaviour in the organisation which stops the idea of working as a team in healthcare industry are needed to stop to avoid healthcare complexity. 2. Analysing big data in these areas I. R & D
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