Big Data And Information Privacy

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Davis Model United Nations Conference 2016 Committee: CSTD Country: Indonesia Topic 1: Big Data and Information Privacy Topic Background The amount of data on the planet in 2014 was around 4.4 zettabytes. It’s expected to grow to 44ZB by the year 2020. It’s also predicted that by 2020, the amount of information produced by machines will account for about 10% of data on earth. One Zettabyte is 1000 Exabytes or 1 Billion Terrabytes. To put it in perspective, with one exabyte of data, a person can watch 36,000 years worth of HD videos. So, with one zettabyte of data, thousands of generations can watch 36 million years of HD videos. One doesn’t have to be Albert Einstein to know that the amount of data usage on this planet will reach…show more content…
It predicts the most likely event as the probable future, not using magic or any machines from Science Fiction novels. Big Data also cannot “read minds”. Rather, it predicts a person’s interests and produces the types of advertisements or information the said person would be interested in. Big Data can analyze a customer’s purchases, profile information, and make an accurate prediction on what his/her interests will be. Big Data has the potential to be the phenomenal tool of the future. It can accurately predict what a customer wants and show advertisements that he or she is actually interested in; It can be installed in smart cars, where an automatic distress call is sent when an unlucky individual is in a car accident; It can be uploaded to devices that closely monitor people’s health and report any irregularities to their doctor.4 Past UN Involvement There is a committee called the United Nations Global Pulse, which is dedicated to “harnessing big data for development and humanitarian action”.5 “Its vision is a future in which big data is harnessed safely and responsibly as a public good. Its mission is to accelerate discovery, development and scaled adoption of big data innovation for sustainable development and humanitarian action.”5. Global Pulse functions as innovation initiative that explores how big data and real-time analytics can help the advancement of the
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