Big Data And Its Effect On Our Lives

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As stated in my previous blog, we as a species have come to live in world to where our lives are based off digital networks. I, myself, am guilty of this as every morning I check my email, send a quick text message, and browse the internet on my commute to work, however, little to my knowledge did I know how each and every transaction I take part in on the internet leaves behind a record of my experience. Big Data, also referred to as reality mining, is a function used by organizations to analyze hidden patterns, which can be used to measure our behaviors and provide various content information about individuals and society as a whole, on a second by second picture basis. For example, one thing I have taken notice of lately on my Facebook is how advertisements of websites that I have recently visited now appear on the side of my page suggesting certain item —this is what Big Data is. Big Data has the ability to be beneficial for individuals and offer them the opportunity to buy something based off those advertisements, however, it can also be quite scary to think organizations are able to recommend something to you off of something you have recently searched or liked on a social media site. I intend to pursue a career in the public sector, specifically in the field of criminal justice, to where I able to investigate and analyze criminal activity; therefore, I believe having an interactive map of crimes and locations of an area would help discover hidden patterns or
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