Big Data And Its Impact On Data Recording And Storage Essay

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Changes in technology, namely advancements in data recording and storage, have led to a vast expansion of available and potentially relevant data commonly known as Big Data which applies more to the ability to accumulate, query, blend, and cross-reference broad data sets than to large quantities of data. Big Data “is notable not because of its size but because of its relationality to other data” (boyd and Crawford 2011). Big Data seeks to make a more meaningful relationship between this readily available data about the world which we live in and our knowledge of the world, our understanding and interpretations. Big Data offers the ability to visualize knowledge gained from data about the world and ourselves by utilizing techniques and technologies developed specifically for this purpose. In today’s world, data is being amassed at an unprecedented scale. Large amounts of data generated by and about people and their interactions are being collected, analyzed, and stored for future use. Organizations are able to gain access to a variety of data sources including call logs, text messages, emails, client chats, social media pictures, videos, and posts, RFID, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and much more. The reception of Big Data is described by boyd and Crawford (2012) as being “seen as a powerful tool to address various societal ills, offering the potential of new insights into areas as diverse as cancer research, terrorism, and climate change” as well as being “seen as
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