Big Data And The Next Wave Of Infrastress

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BIG DATA :MEANING, CHALLENGES, OPPORTUNITIES,APPLICATIONS,TOOLS Big data is certainly one of the biggest buzz phrases in it today. The term ’Big Data’ appeared for first time in 1998 in a Silicon Graphics (SGI) slide deck by John Mashey with the title of ”Big Data and the Next Wave of InfraStress” [9]. -Combined with virtualization and cloud computing, big data is a technological capability that will force data centers to significantly transform and evolve within the next five years. Similar to virtualization, big data infrastructure is unique and can create an architectural upheaval in the way systems, storage, and software infrastructure are connected and managed. Big data is an amalgam of large and varieties of data sets including structured data, semi structured data and unstructured data so it’s beyond the capability of traditional tools to capture, store, process and analysis of big data. It is true that big data have capability of unlocking new sources of development in many fields but at the same time researchers are being confronted challenges with big data. This paper reveals the various challenges faced with big data and opportunities realized with big data. Keywords: Big data, Challenges, Opportunities, Security Issues. INTRODUCTION: Big data refers to the collection and subsequent analysis of any significantly large collection of data that may contain hidden insights or intelligence (user data, sensor data, machine data). when analyzed properly, big data can

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