Big Data Concept And Operating Systems

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This report presents a brief introduction to the Big Data concept and Operating Systems. The definition, use, quantification, and sources of big data are covered. This report further presents the challenges facing Big Data in the current business world and relates Big Data to Operating Systems. Also,it is presents the solution of Big data with some tool that used in the solution which is hadoop. The application of modern technologies in Big Data management such as internet, social media, and cloud computing are discussed.

1.0: Introduction 5
2.0: Big Data 6
2.1: Definition 6
2.2: Big data is measured in terms of its volume, velocity, and variet 6
2.3: Where the big data comes from 8
2.4: Functions of big data 9
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The concept of Big Data management is becoming more important to modern organizations by giving them the ability, from its analytics, to predict future trends and make better decisions. The advancements in modern technology has greatly revolutionized Big Data management by providing better techniques for data collection, storage, transmission, presentation, and analytics. The use of the internet has boosted availability of data for many organizations, giving a speedier growth to data.
Operating system software provides a platform for computerized Big Data management. Computerized systems running on operating systems are used in data collection, storage, and analytics, thus making the process more accurate, efficient, and reliable. 2.0: Big Data
2.1: Definition
Big data is used to refer to availability of massive volume of data, both structured data and unstructured data, (Viktor & Kenneth, 2014). The data is so large and grows exponentially that processing it using traditional techniques is difficult. The data is not only massive, but also diverse and fast changing. Organizations, therefore, require modern techniques, infrastructure, and advanced personnel skills to address it efficiently. In simple terms, the volume, variety, and the velocity of the data is too great.
2.2: Big data is measured in terms of its volume, velocity, and variety
This is the actual amount of data, both structured and unstructured, that is available for an organization. Data
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