Big Data Is Not Without Its Own Problems

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Five years ago, few people had heard the phrase ‘Big Data.’ Today, it’s hard to go an hour without seeing it implemented practically in our daily life. The promise of a highly accurate data-driven decision-making tool is an attractive lure for any organization in any industry. However, big data is not without its own problems.
Through this paper, we will attempt to understand what constitutes ‘Big Data’. We will explore some of its sources and discuss some of the barriers faced by organizations looking to benefit from this phenomenon. We will also examine the various management tools and statistical techniques that can be used to extract information from big data.
Keywords: Big Data, Information System, Analytics, Hadoop,
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It also refers to the range and variety from where the data is coming from, and the velocity with which it is being produced. Equally important, is to understand the evolving nature of big data and big data problems. What was considered a large data set 10 years ago is different from what we are being challenged with today or what we shall be faced with tomorrow.
Big data is sprouting up everywhere and using it appropriately will drive competitive advantage. Ignoring it will simply put an organization at risk, and cause it to fall behind its competition.
2. Sources Of Big Data
According to the Chief Futurist for Cisco Systems, Dave Evans, there are over 35 billion Internet enabled devices in the world today. source ‘The Internet of Things’ is almost as common a buzzword as ‘big data’ itself. Computers, mobile devices, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, and wearable devices are all capable of producing data. This includes website tracking information, application logs, and sensor data – such as check-ins and other location tracking – among other machine-generated content. We should also consider the data generated by the processors found within vehicles, video games and cable boxes. A few other contributing sources of big data are:
2.1 Web Data. Being able to track what sites a user visits, what data he consumes, how he gets there, how long he spends on each item of content – all this is a virtual treasure trove of big data. Being able
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