Big Data Strategies

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The internet represents a vast space where information and new data are added on a daily basis. According to Ularu, Puican, Apostu & Velicanu (2012), the IBM info graphic of big data flood shows that approximately 2.7 zettabytes of data exists in the digital universe. The same study showed there will be a projected 35 zettabytes of data which will be generated on a daily basis by the year 2020. In these realization, organizations have sought out towards leveraging these information to facilitate decision making. Organizations have understood that information can effectively be leveraged to create competitive advantage through obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the information and predicting evolution of issues and facts based upon…show more content…
The study also showed that more than 80% of the Facebook users were non-Americans and Facebook services were available in more than 70 languages making the website a worldwide platform. According to the research conducted by Ularu et al. (2012), there are approximately 100 Terabytes updated data only in Facebook. With this information and data, the company has increasingly enhanced its effectiveness, efficiency and performance and has continuously gained a competitive advantage over other websites. 1.4 Aims and Layout This article reviews the application of big data and big data analysis at Facebook. As explained above, social networking sites such as Facebook generate terabytes of information on a daily basis and thus have the opportunity of generating massive amounts of knowledge from these data. The article has been divided into five chapters including the introduction, a brief description into Facebook, the big data strategies at Facebook, the big data technologies at the company to support strategic operations and the implementation of the big data strategies at the company. The paper then concludes with a brief conclusion briefing on the findings and the results of the discussion. Description of Facebook 2.1 Nature of business Facebook is a social networking website that enables and allows the users to share information online. Individuals create accounts at
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