Big Data at Volvo

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Big Data at Volvo 1. Introduction Volvo have implemented a new strategy to collect information and transform it into useful knowledge which may have the potential to increase safety, enhance the firms reputation and provide a source of competitive advantage. This is being achieved by leveraging the technology, such as sensors, that were already being installed on cars and collecting the data through could computing to give the firm access to a large amount of real time data on way the cars and the components within the cars performing in different situations. The breakthrough that this represents in the use of technology, and the way the firm may benefit can be appreciated by looking at the way the new system has been implemented ands how it may be used. 2. Integration of the Could Technology with Volvo Networks The idea to collect data from the in order to gain an insight on the way the cars were used and the performance of the different components has been facilitated by the development of Cloud computing. The marginal engineering requirements were minimal, as the cars ready had a large number of sensors collecting the relevant data sources. The on-board computers had been configured to send the information to Volvo. Once the information reaches Volvo receives the information transmitted at its data warehouse, in the same light system that receives and analyses data from other sources, including information from dealerships, customer relationship systems as

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