Big Deal Over Believing In Food Research Paper

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What is the big deal over sneaking food into the movies?I'm going to tell you why people are sneaking in food ,allergies , and why it's a big deal.Also why people are so mad over it.
Here are a reason why more and more people are sneaking in food is because of the outrageous prices. For a large bucket of popcorn is $8.50. Most of the items are $5 to $8 dollars for things that you can go to wal mart and buy for $1 to $2 dollars ,so why would you want to so much more just because it's a theater.
Another reason is that some people have allergies and can't eat some of the food in the theater . Such as sweet tarts ,sour patch kids and also popcorn. So ,if your child or evan a grown person should be allowed to bring in food that they like
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