Big Fish Film-Book Comparison Essay example

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The Comparison Between the Storytelling Style of the Book Big Fish, and the Film For the past few weeks, I have analyzed the storytelling style of the book and film Big Fish. The biggest difference I noticed was that I thought that the book focused more on the telling of Edwards inane stories, while the film was mostly centered around character development and relationships. I also think that while the book was very euphoric and felt like a children’s bedtime story, the film took a much more mystical and mysterious route, where a childish feel was dormant. Lastly, I thought that in the book the author just threw all the stories together and told them…show more content…
In retrospect, I think this could be because the author’s similes and metaphors in the book make it seem like the reader is looking at stories out of a children’s book. This is probably because in the movie, the director seemed to want a little bit darker lighting used to give it a more mystical mood, while the author seemed to desire a more fantasy-based book. I personally would have gone off of the author’s desires he had for the book if I was working on the movie, instead diverging Wallace’s route. To do this, I would most likely make the lighting in the movie a lot brighter to give it dreamy feel like the book did. Anyway, that is why I think the author and filmmaker seemed to take a different approach at the storytelling style than the other. Lastly, I felt that the style and order of the stories in the book differed from movie. This is probably so because in the book, it was easier to jump around from story to story, from story to reality, due to William’s narration to give it explanation. In the film, it would have been much more difficult to make all the stories come together like it did in the book, so I can understand why it was different in the film. For example, in the book, the story where Edward meets the lady with the
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