Big Fish Movie Eval Essay

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Big Fish
“So this is a tall tale?”
“Well, it’s not a short one…”

Stories are our essence of life. They grow and change with us. They allow us to reconstruct the past, and put our slant on things. They don’t’ have make sense, and they don’t all have to be fact. That’s what kind of story this is. Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton, is a heartwarming, comedic film, with many twists and turns. It explores the world of an eccentric father, while telling his life story. And so, our story begins.

It is Edward’s myths, of course, that really reveal the man he is. Tim Burton mixes tender heartfelt drama with zany, outrageous scenes, skipping from past to present, while keeping the tension alive.

Finding the town of Ashton and small pond
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This is the film's (fish) hook, and once it sinks itself in, it carries you on a journey that is unexpected, enchanting, outrageous, and genuinely moving.

Edward's encounter with a witch (early in the film) plants a question in the audience's mind that we know must be answered by film's end. When this is finally resolved (along with a number of other things), the result is remarkable. I have rarely seen a collection of images that have stirred my emotions so much.
In the end of the film, Will ends up taking on Edwards abilities by telling his father one of his own stories on his deathbed. So the film came full circle and Will realized the importance of story-telling to his father, and to himself.
I did have a few problems with this film. The first would be the overly exaggerated southern accent it tends to take away from a few of the scenes because you’re more focused on how they talk rather than what they’re saying. Also I can see how very few can relate on a personal level to this story. But either way this film breathes new life into story-telling and gives it a new spin.

This is one of the most pleasant surprises to come out of the body of 2003 films. I never expected this movie to reach me so deeply, but it has, and I imagine that many who treasure the magic of storytelling will feel the same way. In less capable hands, Big Fish could be seen as a liar’s a life. In trying to reshape the world around his fantasy,

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