Big Five Personality Traits Of Personality

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There is no use denying the fact that every human being has a certain set of qualities which makes him/her unique. Some traits of character can help a person in his/her life while some other can have pernicious influence on his/her personality and career. That is why, sometimes it is vital to be able to get rid of some quality and obtain another one which will help a person in his/her development. That is why there are Big Five personality traits which could be taken as the most important for the development of human being. These traits are Neuroticism, Extroversion, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, or Openness to Experience. Each of them is extremely vital for a person and his/her development. though the accent will be made on openness to experience. To understand the main sense of the given issue it is vital to give clear definition to the term under analysis. Usually, under the word combination openness to experience the ability of a person to obtain new knowledge in different spheres is meant (DeYoung, Hirsh, Shane, Papademetris, Rajeevan, & Gray, 2010). In other words, this trait of character helps a man to become easily involved in different sorts of activities and obtain priceless experience which will help him/her in the future. Moreover, a…show more content…
It should be said that very often this trait of character appears in the childhood of a person. If a child has desire to investigate the world around him/her and devotes all his/her forces to it this trait will develop and prosper. Having become older, a person will feel the need in some new experience and knowledge, which will help him/her in the future. Nevertheless, it should also be mentioned that this desire can be stimulated. A person should be given tasks which will promote development of his/her curiosity and, moreover, he/she should be rewarded for his/her attempts to achieve some

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