Predators Vs. Scavenger: How People Follow Western Culture

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NAME: Aditya Bajaj


Here is the time where people follow the western culture and now the story began. The predator is the person who awakes the ambivalent feeling in western culture. At this time people admire the great animals of the forest like lion, tiger, eagle and wolf because of their hardest strength and the skinny and charmless beauty, but here is also a thing which is called fear from them. Sometimes we admire their strength and beauty but still the same time we fear from them. There is such a big game predator are aiming to be targeting these animals for their extinction. We are also predators, so the thing of targets of these animals to matter of “us and them also”.
Scavenger about our side to our nature which is very valuable for us and them also. This time it would not be too much of a stretch to say that we live in a predator economy way. The biggest economist of us name James Galberaith made this statement recently.
“We mono sapiens have proved ourselves predators for excellence. Like volcanoes and earthquakes human beings have become a kind of uncontrollable force of nature”
In the time of Hollywood and computer games industries are the great glorifiers of militarized predatory behavior the predators Vs Alien stories was box office
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It includes all the animals who can only eat flesh of other animals Swift argues about the predator eclipsed that became the dominant way of life in the universe. Swift said that who majorly depended on a scavenger life and existed for 1.8 million years, with the current Homo sapiens who have only stayed in the world for 70,000 years. We will find out that the current environmental condition that has resulted from the activities of the Homo sapiens is worrying and will not continue to sustain life and allow man to break this record if the situation persists.
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