Big Geography And The Peopling Of The Earth

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Period 1: Technological and Environmental Transformations, to c. 600 B.C.E
Key Concept 1.1. Big Geography and the Peopling of the Earth
Paleolithic Period

The first period of the Stone Age
During this period, humans first figured out how to use stones as tools, and hunter-gatherers grouped together to form small bands. They migrated from East Africa, and the tools they used changed as they adapted to the different climates. The majority of all of human history took place during this period.
Hunter-forager society

a society that finds food by hunting wild animals and gathering wild plants
Until the Neolithic revolution, the people on earth were hunter-gatherers. They were
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a group of people that are descended from a the same person
Hunter-forager bands were made up of people that believed they shared kinship

Able to provide for one’s self
Hunter-gatherer groups were not self-sufficient, therefore they shared innovations, tools, and even members.
Key Concept 1.2. The Neolithic Revolution and Early Agricultural Societies
Settled agriculture

the domestication of crops; people stayed in the same place
People switched from the nomadic life of hunting and gathering to settling down and planting their own crops. This allowed for a surplus of food, population growth, and the creation of cities.

people who cared for crops They chose which crops to cultivate, based on what was best to eat and easier to care for. They made food production more reliable, which allowed for populations to surge.
Intensive cultivation

An agriculturalist fills all of the land with the most productive crops
Agriculturalists used this method to increase the stability of food supplies.

The watering of plants
Agriculturalists created irrigation systems to increase the stability of food supplies.
Domesticated animals

A species of animal that has been tamed
People used domesticated animals for food, and for doing work such as pulling plows. This increased the production of food.
Village life

A group of people, larger than a band, that are sedentary, and that
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