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I can say that I totally agree with this article. College is supposed to make you learn, think and expand your mind. Discussions help to make classes more interesting and helps students to use their brains in a productive way. One of the many things I take away from this article, is that the interchanging of thought and opinion helps people to see what they believe in and build solid ground for themselves. It’s really for enlightenment and to open new opportunities and allows for critical thinking that one doesn’t normally get. This is one of the big ideas that I think these authors were trying to get across. Ideas should not be based solely on how a person feels about a subject and the authors share those same sentiments.
In my opinion,
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Then they continue to use various anecdotes throughout the article. I particularly liked this about the article. One such anecdote is about the student who was investigated because he referred to a group of black women as “water buffalo”, which turns out the phrase has nothing to do with race. Again, that oversensitivity plays a huge role in this article. If it wasn’t a prevalent issue, they would not spend time doing countless research on the subject. They are accredited enough in this article, so that the reader know that they are the real deal. The article is a lot more objective then subjective. While you can tell that the both Greg and Jonathon are passionate about the topic their perspective is based more on fact, studies and the experiences of others. They use a persistent argument style by use of repetition of key concepts and terms. This article uses a combination of Pathos, Logos and Ethos. The ethos is the credentials that are stated about the authors towards the beginning of the article. The authors tell about themselves and state what they do and study. It helps us to see how devoted they are to this topic. The Logos are the various statistics stated throughout this article. Inductive logic arrives at likely conclusions by counting up evidence, Which is exactly what the authors do in this case. So, we see that they use a variety of ways to get their point across.
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