Big Impacts On My Childhood

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When I think of big impacts on my childhood, heroes are definitely near the top. Whether it was Legolas from Lord of the Rings or Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, I wanted to save the world. Maybe that 's why I fell in love with comics early on. I wanted the admiration from my peers that these heroes got from me, and yet, the world doesn 't work that way. I realized pretty quickly that it wasn 't like in the movies and comics. The world didn 't exist to give you a pat on the back whenever you did a good deed. Maybe that 's why from the moment I picked up my first XMEN comic, I fell in love. FINALLY there were heroes who lived in a more realistic society. The world they protected, shunned them. They were spat on by those they saved.Here I was, a geeky, straight A, small, spindly little fourth grader with glasses and flood pants who had always tried to be the hero. Finally I had found a group of people who were as unappreciated as I felt. It seems as though many others felt that way too, and quickly Xmen became Marvels’ crowning glory, yet as the newest generation rolls in, Marvel has had a stroke of luck with a film deal of the Avengers series, and of course the population eats it up. It seems as though Marvel has been putting a lot of effort into anything Avengers since Fox owns the rights to Xmen. This unfortunate fact makes me bitter because Xmen contains much more positive messaging for audiences than the currently more successful Avengers. Xmen hasn’t been getting much love
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