Big Mac's Supply Chain Success

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Big Mac 's supply chain success The seed of McDonald 's success was sown in 1990 - six years before it started its actual operations. Sanjeev Bhar traces its supply chain management that played a vital role in its growth. About two decades ago, the QSR wouldn 't have meant much to the Indian F&B segment. Today, the acronym has been seamlessly absorbed in the industry lingo. McDonald 's, arguably, one of the first brands that left a strong imprint on the Indian QSR history, has much to do with this. And its success is credited to its well-established supply management chain. According to Vikram Bakshi, managing director and joint venture partner of McDonald 's India (North & East), the company invested about Rs 400 crore even before its…show more content…
However after its initial success Cremica| |added buns and biscuits to its product line and in 1996 McDonald 's selected Cremica to | |be its supplier for buns, liquid condiments, batter and breading in collaboration with | |its international partners | |Dynamix Dairies: McDonald 's India has approved Dynamix Dairies, Baramati (Maharashtra) | |for supply of cheese to its restaurants. Dynamix has a modern automated plant that is | |fully computer controlled | |Trikaya Agriculture: Trikaya Agriculture is McDonald 's supplier of fresh iceberg | |lettuce. The farms at Talegaon, Maharashtra produce the crop throughout the year | Strengthening the backbone Suppliers are proclaimed to be the

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