Big People Fat

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I think that the weight depends on how much you get hurt during the football games. I think this because,the more you weigh more than the skinny person you could hurt them,they have the right to sew you because,you probably gave them back problems when they fell hard on the ground and you probably gave them a brain injury because you flipped them hard on they back. I think that for men so big they can play football,but at the same time they be hurting the skinny people like Cam Newton,Rob Growncalski,Russel Wilson, them big huge men come my way I would try punching them in the stomach they will get down then so you can run the ball.I also think that the big people should sit out until the other team pull out some big huge men over them skinny people that will smuch they little bitty bones apart,I think that if you going to play football you should at least pick out a few big people but at the same time,the people that test them or sign them on that contract,or if they watch them play I don't care if they big,you have to think how they can hurt them little men.
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