Big Potholes Short Story

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Life is like a dirt road. It is sometimes smooth and easy. But, it is mostly bumpy. In the beginning of 8th grade was small potholes. Then, unexpectedly, a huge bump hit me hard. But, before you know it, I was cruising along once again. The smooth road at first, until it got kinda bumpy. During the end of the summer I started to talk to this guy… His name was George. He was super nice to me and talk to me like I was a princess. But, after school started everything got different. Homecoming weekend changed everything the most. Friday night we went to the game together then since he was a year older than me he was in 9th grade and he went to homecoming with his friends on saturday. We also weren’t officially “boyfriend and girlfriend” so it wasn’t that big of a deal the he went. I trusted him. The sunday after, so the next…show more content…
This is when the girls apologized. And I accepted it. BOOM! The biggest pothole hit me. I was completely taken down. First, my closest friends turned against me. Second, they spreaded horrible rumors about me. Lastly, some guy older than me, that I don’t even talk to at all started posting things online about me. Saying names, untrue things and posting pictures of just my smile. I don’t know why people only picked on my teeth. I started not eating, not going to school. This meant my grades declined horribly. After that, I was too scared to show my face to anyone. I never really smiled fully in pictures… The drama and words ate me alive. Finally, I told my mother, depression was a hard challenge for me and that I hated to look in the mirror, I cried myself to sleep more than I didn’t. The only thing that made me happy was telling myself “everything will be okay in the end.” During this time I surrounded myself with family and friends that made me happy. I’m so thankful I had such wonderful people to be there for me. For three months of my life I was so sad but everything, of course, got
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