Big Red Lollipop Essay

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Big Red Lollipop, by Rukhsana Kahn and illustrated by Sophie Blackall has received accolades such as the Golden Kite Award for Picture Book Text and The New York Times top 10 illustrated books of 2010. It is a relatable story that focuses on a sibling relationship that ensues after a cultural misunderstanding has taken place. The story begins as a Mother, having immigrated to the United States from Pakistan, does not understand the tradition of birthday parties. She tells her eldest daughter that she will have to take her younger sister to the birthday party to which she has been invited, and the story evolves from there. This cultural misunderstanding could be used as a window within a classroom for those unfamiliar with the fact that other…show more content…
They will consistently need to be reminded that all people, no matter their background, need to be treated fairly and with respect. They will need to be educated as to how to solve a cultural misunderstanding in the most humane way possible. Portraying those who have immigrated to this country in an inclusive and positive light is paramount as our students are being exposed to so much propaganda that may influence them in ways that are not as favorable to all populations. To connect with this theme in class, students could read other books about families that have immigrated to the United States and how that has impacted them. Rukhsana has a multitude of books that could be added to this type of genre study. Even though she does not mention this book directly, it is so eloquently stated that we need stories like this when Grace Cornell Gonzales states within the text Rethinking Multicultural Education, “if we want to provide literature that helps children understand their world better and realize that they are not alone in the ways they feel and the problems they face, it is important to critically analyze children’s books about immigration” (p.
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