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Big Rig" insurance is essential for the independent owner/operator. In today's highly competitive commercial trucking industry, an owner/operator has to be a shrewd businessman, and get the best insurance for the lowest premium.

Are you a person that loves sun-drenched afternoons cruising on mountain roads or along the coastline? Can you close your eyes and see the highway stretch out before you all the way to the horizon?

Your big rig may be your family business. Do you hit the road with your wife as a driving team?

Are you a person who enjoys the freedom of being your own boss as an independent owner/operator? Or are you a leased operator?

Do you own more than just one truck?

No matter what your motivation is for owning and operating
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Skimp on other coverages but don't skimp here. Personal injury attorneys love truck accidents and get big jury awards. o Attached Accessories Coverage - includes running lights, antennas, chrome, custom wheels, custom paint, satellite dishes, and such. Many insurance policies don't cover customizing equipment. Make sure yours does. o Non-Trucking Liability, or"Bob-Tail" coverage - takes care of you when you're using your rig at times you're not under dispatch. o Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability - covers your load against damage from certain causes. o Trailer Interchange coverage - if you have a trailer interchange agreement, you need this coverage to protect you while you're in possession of a container or trailer that you don't own. o A trailer interchange agreement is a contract that arranges to transfer a trailer from one trucker to another in order to complete a shipment. o Refrigeration Breakdown Endorsement - provides coverage up to a separate limit shown on the schedule for spoilage of perishable stock while the stock is in transit on a vehicle. o Non-owned trailer - this is third party coverage for a trailer that you are hauling owned by another
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