Big School Vs Small School

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When it comes to school it can be a big choice but some are far better than others and people must take in all the possibilities in choosing a school. There are many factors that could change a student's mind and the only way to choose the right school is to meet those factors. The thing about small schools is that the teachers have a better relation between each student opposed to a large school where the teacher has to deal with many more students. Another good thing about small schools is sports because most the time you don't have to be all star good to play but in big schools you have to be very good to play. It's the same thing with activities such as band, BPA, FCCLA, FFA and many others in that you don't have to be Einstein to be in them.…show more content…
A low student count in a class could mean higher grades because the teacher is able communicate directly with each student if needed. In a smaller school the student can also receive help much more easier and can get better. Also what is better in a smaller school is that there is more time and opportunity for a student that works slower than the rest to still be caught up opposed to a large school where they usually just teach them all at once and usually can't help a student that is struggling.

The thing that could be bad about small schools and great about large school is sports. Small will usually have your basic sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and maybe some others. On the other hand, a large school would have a lot more sports to choose from such as soccer and tennis and water sports. This could affect someone's decision on a school. Though as I said earlier that in larger school you might have to be really good at the sport to play it or they might not put the person on the
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