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Introduction: Innosat is a Boston based public company that sells surgical equipments. Innosat started as a small manufacturing company of scalpels and other surgical equipments and gradually progressed to become world’s leading maker of prosthetic limbs and surgical implants. Most of its progress was achieved under the leadership of very passionate CEO Jack Donally. Jack Donally joined the team of Innosat as a sales person, and with a very aggressive sales techniques, he quickly managed to drive the company on the path of success. After successfully introducing multiple new innovative products, the company started to struggle. Since 1990 the company failed to give any new products and as a result of that there has been decrease in…show more content…
There was very little done to create energy and competition among the employees to perform better. Hence, it seems that their lack of motivation is directly related to the absence of proper reward system in the organization. Lack of motivation remains the prime issue at Innosat because even if the leaders change, it’s going to be a strong team work among the employees to changes the bottom-line financial numbers at Innosat. If my assumptions stated above are incorrect, there will be fewer consequences seen. We do not have much information that can support that Innosat’s employees were independent or self motivating. Also to make them responsible for decision making, company would want to see some results based on their leadership style, which unfortunately has been absent so far. Employees like Frank and Jim might have contributed to the decision making by Jack, but the problem still remains that they have not been trained to be good leaders to lead Innosat. Because of which an outsider, Stephanie, who is experience in turning around companies was hired. Relation to class material: Herzberg and Maslow’s focus on how best a job can be designed is based on the context and content. • The most important factors associated with “job content” are career advancement, recognition, sense of responsibility & a sense of achievement. • The most important factors associated with the work’s context are job security,

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