Big Simbol of the Holocaust: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

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Anne Frank’s diary is known all over the world. She was in hiding for 2 years, and she wrote in her diary. Writing was one of her hobbies. There is more than just one of Anne Frank’s writings. It is very impressive of being such a big symbol about the holocaust, writing about your life in hiding. But there are plenty of other pieces of work she has done. She has written many short stories, letters and poems of her own; during the time she was in hiding, and before that. Anne Frank has always loved to write. There are also parts taken out of her diary, different editions of books that had changed her diary. Anne Franks other writings are connected to language arts in many different ways. I think she is a real world-class artist writing a diary for 2 years, and writing many different things. So this writing is also added to being world-class literature. Short stories made writing Anne Frank’s hobby. She wrote some different writings before she got her diary from her dad. She is a world-class artist and has world-class literature, because of the first step, of writing different things. Besides this world famous story, she had short stories, letters, greeting cards, and an edited published book.
Between the ages of 13 to 15 Anne Frank wrote short stories, essays, and even a beginning of a novel. She had 5 notebooks and more than 300 loose pages. Were written during her two years of hiding (Schwartzstien). She even says she wants to become a journalist (Frank 197). In…