Big Skinny Case Report Final Draft Essay

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1) What should Kiril focus on next? What should be his highest and lowest priorities? Why? With the difficulty that Kiril is experiencing with the online marketing of Big Skinny, Kiril needs to first focus on a strong online marketing to draw new customers. With Big Skinny’s success at the street fairs using the in-person sales method, it is clear that the wallets can be successful and self-selling given the proper tools. In order for new marketing efforts to be successful, Kiril needs to develop a digital market that features a mixture of long-tail marketing, behavioral targeting, and Internet advertising formats. This technique will help Big Skinny achieve a global reach through media richness by using support such as rich messages,…show more content…
In comparison, “big skinny” keyword generated the highest profit per conversion. Nevertheless, the fact that prospective customers who search for “big skinny” keyword might have already had interest in purchasing Big Skinny products from the beginning overstated the profit this keyword generated. Therefore, it is obvious for Big Skinny to increase its bid for thin wallets keyword but maintain the same bid for “big skinny”. In addition, the firm can also bid higher for other profitable keywords, including “thin wallet”, thin leather wallet, world’s thinnest wallet, and ultra thin wallet(s). 3) How effective is Big Skinny using social media to sell its wallets? What are the ways to improve its effectiveness? What are the costs involved in such approaches? Big skinny is suffering from the major problem of ‘generating new customer traffic’ on its website and this problem is getting worse as internet users are conditioned to ignore online advertisements. While purchasing wallets online, the keyword “Big Skinny” may not cross the minds of the customers who are not aware of the brand and its products. The “AddThis” website applet, Facebook fan page and Twitter feed was being maintained to increase interactions with the fan base. But the main question was, how can Big Skinny target its potential customers and increase traffic to its website to promote online sales? The effectiveness of Social Media can be improved depending on what metrics the marketing managers
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