Big Software Has Arrived : New Imperatives And New Technology Essay

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Big Software Has Arrived New imperatives and new technology are forcing companies to rethink their fundamental business assumptions. The C-suite is under pressure to perform at increasingly at high speeds and scale - there is no letting up. Today’s C-Suite is turning to cloud-based technologies to help improve business efficiencies while reducing CAPEX. Executives are immersed in terms like software as a service, open source, big data, cloud, scale out, containers, microservices etc. While these terms and technologies represent a new world of opportunity, they also bring complexity that most IT departments are ill-equipped to pursue. This has become the Big Software era. To realize the promise of Big Software, companies need an entire new way of thinking. Where applications were once simple to manage and deploy with a couple of solutions across a couple of machines, companies must now roll-out many applications, components, and integration points spread across tens of thousands of on-premise and hosted physical and virtual machines. Enterprises are learning they cannot address the needs of their businesses and customers unless they have a sense of the capabilities they must build, manage, and deliver. In other words, companies must have the right mix of products, services, and tools to match the requirements of the business. However, many IT departments are undertaking these challenges with the approaches, processes and tools that were developed over a decade ago. In
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