Big Software Is Eating The Data Center Essay

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Big Software is Eating the Data Center The data center industry is under a major transition. Big Software, IoT (Internet of Things), and Big Data are changing how operators must architect and deploy data center technologies. Traditional scale-up models of delivering monolithic software on big machines is being replaced by scale-out solutions that are delivered on disparate cloud services running on many machines and environments. This shift has forced data center operators to turn to the next generation of solutions that will improve operational efficiency while reducing costs. While it is difficult to predict which technologies will be in place in the coming years, there is no doubt organizations are looking to scale-out solutions as the future of IT operations and infrastructure deployments. Scale-out represents one of the most profound shifts in data center deployments we have seen in a generation. This approach represents a more agile and flexible way to drive value while reducing overhead and operational costs. Therefore, scale-out enables organizations to take advantage of hardware efficiencies while leveraging a powerful infrastructure to automate and scale cloud-based workloads across distributed, heterogeneous environments. Canonical’s Big Software vision plays directly within scale-out solutions and is helping organizations to focus on deploying the tools, models, cloud workloads, and applications across multiple data center environments to drive success. All

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