Big Sur Coastline Research Paper

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There was a wildfire in northern California’s Big Sur coastline. It had spanned over 42 square miles and firefighters have been fighting to put the fire out before it spreads; damaging more homes. As of now 34 homes have been destroyed, individuals had to evacuate 350 properties, and the flames have threatened approximately 2000 buildings. There have been two reported deaths as a result of the fire; and 11 hikers were rescued. Firefighters have suspected that some of the hikers were responsible for tending to a marijuana patch of 900 plants. Marijuana is illegal to grow and can only be used for medicinal purposes. The California fire and forestry department had stated that, “it would take until the end of August to extinguish a blaze”. In the…show more content…
The forced road closure definitely has a negative impact on tourists and citizens who live in the area. May individuals were forced to leave their homes, unsure of when they would be able to return; and for many there may not even be a home to return to. All that will be left are ashes of where the house used to stand. A couple named Tom and Donna Huntington have lived in their home for 29 years. They have had to evacuate their home and relocate their lives to stay with a friend. State parks in the area of Big Sur were forced to close due to the high ventilation of smoke in the area and a continuous threat of flames. The state parks are “a big economic driver for the region”. The economy will now suffer as a result of the environmental disaster. As stated earlier the blaze is said to not be completely extinguished until the end of August, which is a major inconvenience for tourists and homeowners alike. The state will now have to allocate their money to taming the fire and helping residents whose homes were destroyed to relocate, or rebuild their home. California will still see money from tourism, but not in this specific area, which means that businesses in the hospitality industry will
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