Big Think University Procedure Document For Ill Health.

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Big Think University Procedure Document for Ill health. 1 Purpose To ensure that any Termination/Dismissal due to Ill health made by Think Big University meets required legal requirements, and is handled in an appropriate and proficient manner. 2 Scope This Procedure Document applies to all prospective and current Employees of the University. 3 Procedure Overview The University requires that an employee who can not perform the duties of their employment due to Ill health undergo a medical examination by the universities chosen medical practitioner at the expense of the university. If it is found that the employee will be unable to resume their duties within 12 months, the employee will be given the opportunity to resign or be…show more content…
If a resignation is offered under these circumstances the University will accept the resignation and not proceed with the actions required to terminate the Employees employment. If the Employee fails to undergo a medical examination within three months of the written notice to do so, this will be seen as confirmation that the Employee is unable to perform their assigned duties, and the University may then proceed with the appropriate action to terminate the Employees employment. The Employee can within 14 days of the medical report being made available, request that the report is confirmed by an independent specialist agreed between the University and the Employee or by a panel of three medical practitioners. The panel and or specialist will as far as possible use the same standards as would be used by the Employees Superannuation fund in determining the Employees eligibility for the payment of a disablement pension or other similar benefit. When an Employees employment with the university ceases due to ill health, the number of continuous service required to be entitled to long service leave will be five years. If the Employees superannuation fund deems that the said Employee is totally and permanently incapacitated and it is unlikely that the Employee will be able to return to their duties in the foreseeable future, the University may terminate the
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