Bigger Chapter Summary

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- Bigger lived in the South Side of Chicago. African Americans were only allowed to rent homes in that area. They had horrible living conditions and Whites acted like the African Americans were not superior enough for them. This novel is probably based in the 1920’s after the reconstruction era and civil rights amendments 13,14, and 15 were passed. In Book two, white men talked to Bigger as though he is just some dumb black boy. Mr. Dalton’s private officer, Britten, was constantly trying to find a way to prove that Bigger did something to Mary. Even though he had no solid evidence on Bigger, he would try to go against him because he is black. It is the year 2016, and we still have police officers accusing black males of committing crimes and even shooting at them when they are unarmed. Jamar Clark, 24-year-old black male, was unarmed and handcuffed when a Minneapolis police officer shot and killed him on November 17, 2015. Many similar cases have occurred in the United States in the past few years. Racism and Discrimination are still around after more than 100 years passed since slavery was abolished.

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In the beginning of Book One, Bigger felt horrible because he couldn’t support his family. He solved all his problems through anger and violence. Bigger would not think before he would act. His actions were reckless and irrational. However, towards the end of Book one and the beginning of Book two, Bigger begins to feel more positive about himself. With his new job he is able to provide money for his family and himself. Also, because he isn’t caught for murdering Mary, he feels that he his on the same level as the white people. Also the fact that his society is “blind” to his actions, he feels that he can do whatever he wants as long as he acts like he is expected to. Bigger begins to think before he acts. He becomes clever, smart, and develops control over his
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