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Question 1 In the framework of the management-research question hierarchy following steps can be developed to solve current dilemma (Cooper & Schindler, 2006): * Dilemma: use of publication reader service cards has been gradually declining which questioned efficiency of its advertisements’ to provide necessary information. * Research questions: conducing a research study about efficiency of reader service cards use would be a reasonable action that are available for taking advantage in the situation. * Investigation questions: in order for a manager to decide about further use of reader service cards, evaluation of all methods should be carried out to get deep insight about their relative effectiveness. * Management…show more content…
Therefore, based on this information appropriate original sample sizes were selected. On the negative side, even after pilot studies, questionnaires contained certain limitations, including lack of details about expected outcomes of the study, better structure of questions, etc. Question 6 In order to digitize collected data and make it in the convenient form that can be used in the statistical analysis the data has to be coded appropriately. The most suitable way to code the data would be assigning numerical values to the options of answers in the multiple choice questions. Since there is a possibility of more than one answer to every question, then it would be right to construct number of variables equal to the number of options to questions 1-4 and 7. These variables will contain 2 numeric values, one will correspond to the case when respondent marked this option and another will indicate he didn’t mark this option. Variable corresponding to questions like 5a, 6, and 8-11) will contain different numeric characteristics, each corresponding to the available option. Finally, answers from the open question 5b will be directly digitized to the answer sheet. Hence, the data in this form can be easily analyzed with the help of statistical software. Question 7 Given that manager is interested in the efficiency of reader service cards, then research report should set its focus on this issue. The only reported finding of the survey
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