“Biggest Challenges Young Adults Face Today” Essay

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“Biggest Challenges Young Adults Face Today”
Tynaisa Benthall
Principles of Public Speaking
Assignment 7_07

In the world today young adults face numerous of problems. We often think Young Adults are ready for the real world such as college, career, and the adult social scenes. Some Young Adults find it difficult to adjust to making a change in their life. To me, education, unemployment and crime are major challenges for them today in this world. Noticing that each challenge have some negative effect on each individual which causes them to occur in bad situations. Many Young Adults find they are over-loaded and over whelmed with great difficulty in making changes that they find her
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30% of Young people arrested- up from 22% in 1965. Which causes more problems, education problems, and home life. Experts say police are now quicker to arrest Youths. (Dr.Brame) believed the increase might not necessarily be down to more criminal behavior in Youth. At age 12, less than one percent had been arrested. I have established many Young Adults admit to the police the use of drug and alcohol because of life uncertainties.
I have established (Dr. Brame) said that being poor, struggling in school and having difficult home life all been linked to a high risk of arrest in that age group. Data from 2003 show that the rate of drinking was 41.6 percent for Young Adults age 18 to 25, and heavily drinking was reported by 15.1 percent of ages 18 to 25. Twenty-nine percent of 21- to 25-year Old's reported driving under the influence of alcohol, which causes crashes for this age group due to drugs and alcohol usage. Compared to adults 25 and older, Young Adults are four times more likely to report having used of illegal drug in the past 30 days. Specifically 20.3 percent of the Young Adults have used an illegal drug.
More importantly, I hold the opinion that unemployment triggers other problems that leads to crimes such as drugs, guns, prostitution, gang, and violence. A lot of Young Adults are growing up with out a role model and some with their parents, single mom/or dad, or some without . when they are looking for these role model they
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