Bike Helmet Ordinances

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(Safe Kids Coalition , 2004) According to John Hopkins Injury Prevention Center, “for the population as a whole, there are approximately: 1.8 billion bicycle trips, 300 injuries per million trips and 1 death in every 2 million trips” (John Hopkins Injury Prevention Center, 2012). Because of the correlation between the low percent of helmet usage and the high number of traumatic brain injury, it is obvious that the public is not aware of this necessity and many people will continue to die or be seriously injured unless something is done. Bicycle helmets save lives and should be required by law for riders of all ages.
One of the most argued points on bike helmet ordinances is the chance that overall popularity of biking will decrease once laws regarding bike safety begin to form. A prime example for this effect can be seen in Australia, who has been working toward a countrywide helmet ordinance for several years. Sydney, Australia was one of the pioneers for the ordinance, but once the law was put into effect in 1992, a survey was released six months later stating the number of current cyclists had been reduced by 38 percent (Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, 2012). This information can be viewed in many ways. First, 6 months is long enough for seasons to change, meaning there may have been a more popular…

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