Bike Metaphors

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The planet Earth is a pretty big place with ‘7,330, 245,300 billion plus’ (1) people on the plant according to the worlds populations on; and with that many people on the plant its strange to think that anyone could ever feel alone. How could you possible feel that alone knowing there are billions of people living on the planet? Well as sad as it is there are people out there, in our very own town that can feel this way every single day. These people are our elders, our parents and grandparents, our own flesh and blood and all they want is to simple know you remember they are still here. These are the people who raised you and where there for you after all everyone deserves to feel love, so why would you just leave them in a…show more content…
We had people who taught us right from wrong and the fundamentals of how things work. They showed us how to ride a bike even after you fall down you just got to get back up and try again. The bike metaphor is something I’m sure we’ve all heard in life from one generation to the next it’s a timeless way our elders tech us to deal with thing. They are the people we turn to for advice. They show us how to even take care of our own family when the time comes. We could never picture our lives without our parents there weather we had a great relationship with them or not everyone feels some form of love for the people who raised…show more content…
It gets lonely being on the inside without anyone to talk to and make the day go from gray to a light or beacon of hope. You can tell the difference from those who get visits or even a simple letter, these are the happier residents. You may not think it but they can tell if your there where it seems like it or not they know. Write a letter simple telling them about the kind of day you had; send a card for no reason but to just send one. It means more then you’ll ever know. I understand that taking care of a grown adult isn’t a pretty thing that’s why places where created so that someone could do those hard things while you can come visit and talk. Enjoy the time you could have with your elder family while you can don’t leave yourself with what
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