Bike Technici Case Study

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Halfords plc July 2015-August 2016
Sales Advisor/Bike Technician
• Duties: sales, advice, customer hospitality, bike assembly/repair, clerical work
• Skills: organisation, time management, Commercial awareness, negotiation, confidence, IT

My time working at Halfords exposed me to working under professional conditions. It introduced me to the mechanisms within a retail corporation, and how they manage to function down at a sectional level. Bike construction was a new to me at the time, it was interesting to learn new crafts and skills in a professional environment. It was imperative to use tactical planning to reach the goals set out by the store management

Various Organisations 2015-Present
Session musician
• Duties: public performance, people management, marketing, public relations
• Skills: independence, Personal Improvement, creative thinking, planning, negotiating

From a young age, I have had a desire to teach myself
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They work with leading industry suppliers and consultants using the Best-Of-Breed to create innovative experiences in line with key operational considerations. During the summer of 2014 I shadowed over one of the company's executives, Stephen Reid, through his day-to-day work. On one occasion, I was tasked with the maintenance of the 'Deadly 60 Challenge', one of the attractions at The Longleat safari park supplied by 1st Attractions. In this situation, I had to apply my problem-solving skills to handle network anomalies in the electric kiosks and also had to supply customer service and guidance to the visitors using the attraction. I also sat in on a consultancy meeting on branding in attractions between Stephen and Aardman Animation staff. I learnt about how branding and intellectual property can be applied in an interactive manner, and also learnt about how executive decisions can be made in large
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